Tetra HAM documents

Below you find the TETRA document created by PA1WBU and M0JIM in dutch and english.

Its free to download them and use them for personal use.

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Thumbnail for STTA-Tetra-Getting-Started-DMO-mode-v0_80_NL.pdfSTTA-Tetra-Getting-Started-DMO-mode-v0_80_NL.pdf

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Thumbnail for STTA-Tetra-Getting-Started-DMO-mode-v0_80_EN.pdfSTTA-Tetra-Getting-Started-DMO-mode-v0_80_EN.pdf

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Thumbnail for STTA-Tetra-Enable-options-v0_2-NL.pdfSTTA-Tetra-Enable-options-v0_2-NL.pdf

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Thumbnail for STTA-Tetra-Extending-DMO-frequency-range-v0_3-NL.pdfSTTA-Tetra-Extending-DMO-frequency-range-v0_3-NL.pdf

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Thumbnail for STTA-Tetra-Extending-DMO-frequency-range-v0_3-EN.pdfSTTA-Tetra-Extending-DMO-frequency-range-v0_3-EN.pdf

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Thumbnail for STTA-Tetra-Enable-options-v0_2-EN.pdfSTTA-Tetra-Enable-options-v0_2-EN.pdf

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